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The Science Behind SizeGenetics UK

Are you looking for a safe, effective and hassle-free means to extend the size of your penis? Have you tried different methods of penis enhancement to no avail? Most men have struggled with their penis size, and it is disappointing that many penis extender products have not delivered on the results promised.

Well, if you’re looking forward to seeing tried and tested results, then look no more since SizeGenetics UK is here! Designed with giving you the most comfort in mind, SizeGenetics will definitely give you your money’s worth if you purchase this penis extender.

When using SizeGenetics UK penis extender, remember this one guideline: the more you wear SizeGenetics penis extender, the more you will see improvement in the length of your penis. You can never go wrong with SizeGenetics as this product is powered by scientific research and high technology in penis enhancement.

Further proof of SizeGenetics UK penis extender as an efficient and genuine penis extender is since SizeGenetics is the only penis extender which has a legitimate clinical study conducted by board-certified Urologists conducting university research for an academic journal.

This research was conducted in the University of Turin in Italy’s San Giovanni Hospital. The research behind SizeGenetics UK was called “A Pilot Phase-II Prospective Study to Test the ‘Efficacy’ and Tolerability of a Penis-Extender Device in the treatment of ‘Short Penis.'”

Urologists who conducted this research published their findings in the March 2009 edition of the British Journal of Urology International. SizeGenetics penis extenders’ efficacy were studied over a 12-month period, and results were measured at four different intervals.

During a six-month interval, the urologists found the penis size to increase by 2.3 cm on average. The penis size of the participants grew continuously that within a year, the participants had gained a penis size increase between the range of 2.5 cm to 5.1 cm.

This led the urologists who conducted the study on SizeGentics UK to conclude that SizeGenetics penis extender can be considered as a minimally-invasive method to elongate a man’s penile shaft thus extending the penis size of men seeking treatment for ‘short penis.’

With published scientific research worthy of publication in a medical journal, what have you got to lose? With published research from renowned Italian Urologists from the University of Turin backing the technology behind this product, what are you waiting for?

Get that penis size you always wanted, and start to see actual verifiable results. See your penis size grow continuously in a span of six months to a year. Do not prolong your agony any longer. Go and avail of the SizeGenetics UK extender and boost your self-confidence and machismo!

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