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“What are the exact effects of SizeGenetics?

This is the most common question of men when using the traction device. As users of the product, we have the right to know how both flaccid and erect gains can be achieved by wearing SizeGenetics device and performing the PenisHealth exercises.

The purpose of the SizeGenetics device is to stretch all the tissues that make up our penises. As the plastic ring and steel rods stretch the penis, the Corpora Cavernosa, Tunica Albuginea, and Corpus Spongiosum are all forced to adjust to the new length and to stretch accordingly.

The arteries and veins have to grow in size in order to cope with the increased flow of blood that helps in the bigger and better erections. Rock hard erections and increased sensitivity of our penises are among the best effects of using SizeGenetics correctly.

Unlike the traction device, PenisHealth’s exercises can be used to attain certain targeted responses from our penises. Length exercises are different from girth exercises. Stretching the ligaments is a subcategory of the length exercises that usually focuses on pure stretching of the penis, in order to force the ligaments to adjust to the new situation and expand.

Expanded ligaments will allow the penis to hang longer than usual, while still maintaining their usual function. The PenisHealth’s program is designed to take particular care of every aspect of penile enlargement, while the SizeGenetics device focuses rather on raw stretching power.

Estimated Time Frame For Using SizeGenetics System

Imagine satisfying any woman, and enjoying the best sex of your life!

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