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“Side effects?”

There are currently NO official reports claiming that the SizeGenetics System has any side effects. This device has passed standardized testing, and has been worn by thousands of users who have never experienced any side effects.

The extension device is easy to use, and we no longer need a doctor’s help to learn how to use it. Simply wear it up to eight hours a day. We do not need to worry about damaging our penis, since it only applies enough pressure to increase the length. It can even correct penises with crooked erections.

We also get access to a database filled with exercises. These are meant to add their enlargement effect to that of the traction device. All we need to do is perform 20 to 30 minutes of exercises, a couple of days per week, in order to help our penis grow in length and girth. The exercises come with detailed text and video explanations.

Some more positive effects of SizeGenetics include longer and thicker penises, more production of our cells, and a safer erection and orgasm.

With SizeGenetics System, we are assured by the manufacturer to have the results we want, without any side effects to our bodies. It only uses exercises and devices that have been tried and tested by men for years.

Additionally, this system is backed by the amazing money back guarantee. If we are not satisfied with the results, we have a full 6 months at our disposal to return the products to the SizeGenetics seller for a full refund. This is the best money back guarantee in the penile enlargement industry we have ever seen.

When a product is a scam, it is usually found out in time; but when millions of men continue to use a product, despite past confusions, it makes a powerful statement about it.

Combination Of Device And PenisHealth

Bigger penis? It is always going to be just a dream if you don’t take any action for it.

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