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Real SizeGenetics Testimonials Here

For the guys out there, I’m sure you sometimes wish that your penis was bigger. Even the already well-endowed would want an additional inch or two. Depending on which side of the fence you’re in and where you live in the world, your penis size can be a source of male pride or of shame.

Penis enlargement has long been a source of fascination and contention. There are a lot of devices, creams, and procedures out there claiming to increase your penis size. Some of them are downright dangerous, while others are so drastic (and expensive) that you can’t help but hold back. Creams are the safest yet most ineffective means of solving your size problems – most of what’s out there in the market frankly don’t work.

The most drastic method but surest way is undoubtedly surgery. However, before you go to the bank to take out a loan for a procedure, you should probably know its side effects: infection, nerve damage, reduced sensitivity, and a slightly bumpy penis are just some of what could happen if things go wrong. There’s a reason why no major medication organization approves of these surgeries.

So if you’re really in the market for an effective penis enlargement solution, what are your other options? Maybe you should try SizeGenetics. It’s a device that’s been around for 16 years and real SizeGenetics testimonials show that is has a good track record of actually delivering what it promises.

How SizeGenetics Works

SizeGenetics increases penis size in the same way that weight-lifting builds muscle. As a bodybuilder pushes himself, lifting weights until he experiences fatigue, the strenuous activity actually causes small tears on his muscle fibers. When these torn muscles heal during the bodybuilder’s recovery, they come back stronger and larger than before – and able to take even more stress.

Similar to weight lifting, SizeGenetics causes small micro tears within the muscles of your penis. When the muscles heal, your penis is slightly larger, firmer, and can hold more blood as it gets bigger. Progressive overload continually works the muscle in a cycle wherein stress and recovery are alternated so that you reach a more desirable penis size.

When you attach the device to your penis, it provides a constant traction along the Copora Cavernosa, the part of your penis that holds blood during erections. After each “workout,” that part of your penis heals to become larger.

Does It Hurt?

Unlike other more drastic procedures to increasing penis size, SizeGenetics is very comfortable to apply, allowing you to use for the length of time that would produce the effect you want.

The device is made from the highest quality materials so that you don’t need to worry about not getting your money’s worth. Most importantly, SizeGenetics is endorsed by penis enlargement surgeons as an effective and less invasive solution.

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