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“Penis Traction Devices – SizeGenetics

It is observed that most of the men desire to have a long and strong penis when they are involved in the sexual act. This has made them search for methods to enlarge their penis. Today most of them use the penis traction devices which help them to enlarge the size of their penis quite fast and that too in an easy way without causing any harm to the penis or other parts surrounding the penis.

The penis traction devices do not need extra time that is needed for the exercises that has to be done for enlarging the penis. It can be easily worn under clothes which have loose fitting. You have to just put on the penis traction device and get engaged in your routine work and the work of enlarging the penis will automatically be done by the penis traction device.

Doctors have also recommended these devices to the patients who had penis surgery so that the advantages of the surgery can be maintained during the post surgery healing process. Most of the patients have reported that after healing they not only got permanent enlarged penis but their sexual stamina had also increased.

Working Procedure of Penis Traction Devices

The penis traction devices work almost in the same way as the body building procedure works while using the weight lifting devices. The device uses gentle traction to enlarge the penis and the tissue that is stretched is rebuilt by the body within the relaxation period when the traction is taken off after the stipulated time.

In the penis traction devices another age old traction theory is used and that is the procedure which was used by African tribes to elongate their necks and lips. In the modern method the tissue is allowed to rebuild instead of being stretched to become thin.

Precautions to be taken

The penis traction devices are safe and comfortable but than too there are some precautions that have to be taken while using these devices. The penis traction device should be worn according to the direction that is given with the device as it applies a gentle stretch with the help of the traction.

If it is worn properly then the blood flow to any part of the organ will not be obstructed. Proper blood flow is needed while the traction is being used so that the tissues which are being pulled can be regenerated in that state by the body.

The device should never be worn while sleeping on the contrary it should be worn under the clothes while you are awake. Always wear the penis traction device for that much time which is mentioned on the device.

If you think that wearing for a longer period of time than the mentioned one will give you more elongation then you are mistaken as it will harm the penis instead of providing the desired benefit as there are chances that the nerves may be damaged. The desired result of girth and length can be obtained by proper usage of the penis traction devices like Size Genetics.

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