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“A Brief Discussion About Male Sexual Health

Male sexual health is not just a matter of control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. It is related with emotional, physical and relation conditions of men too. In more precise terms, it is the ability of a man to have an erection, which is of paramount importance in performing the act of sex.

Physical relations between a woman and a man are related with the issues like “capacity to carry out the sexual act”. It has been analyzed that as men cross the age of 35 years, half of them begin to loss male sexual health from the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the recurring inability to keep or get a firm erection that is needed for sexual intercourse. There are many psychological and physical factors which affect male sexual health like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, substance abuse, ageing, high blood pressure, low testosterone levels, cardiovascular diseases, depression, cigarette smoking and medications among the major ones.

However, there are some remedies available today that can deal with this problem of erectile dysfunction easily.

Treatments available

The treatments to regain male sexual health available today to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction include:

1. Apomorphine: This is a prescription pill which functions to increase the sexual urge in men and dissolves easily under the tongue.

2. Psychotherapy: This works when the problem is caused due to anxiety, hypertension and depression. Under this psychiatrists address this problem in a fine way.

3. PDE5 inhibitors: This is a popular treatment among men as it helps to attain libido in a natural way that is when they actually become sexually stimulated.

4. Penile injection therapy: This is an injection which is to be inserted into the penis, which helps to keep penis in erected shape.

5. Urethral insertion tablets: These tablets have the same mechanism as of penile injection therapy. But the merit is you do not have to inject any injection to regain male sexual health, which may sometimes damage penile tissues.

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