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SizeGenetics on Jonathan Ross Show

“How to make your penis bigger

Nothing scares the hell out of your partner when she see your member like a toothpick for dinner. Women these days often fantasize how their men would look like. From the occasional tall, dark and handsome women also want men with huge penis.

Men are now finding solutions on how to make their penis bigger. There’s nothing wrong in making your penis bigger. Almost all males also want their stick to be as big as a nightstick. Size is absolutely the issue here. From gadgets to gizmos now come the body parts. Not all men are gifted with large penises and it is often associated with heritage and genetics.

Perhaps the best way in growing that penis of yours is by doing it the natural way. There are many products out there catering on how to make your penis bigger. The use of pills, gels, and liquids has many negative side effects.

Some of which don’t even actually work. Take for example, using penis enlargement pills, they say that it makes your manhood grow an inch taller but the truth is that they just increase blood flow in your penis thus giving it a huge look.

Majority of which pills are made contain exotic names. Like Korean red ginseng and puama root extract to name a few. Don’t be fooled by these names these are only herbs that don’t constitute much growth. These are used just to attract consumers. You may see results but they are not permanent and could lead you to experience side effects.

Creams also does not work, it’s the same as with gels and enhancement pills. They could lead to deadly infections or even worse. Having surgery for your penis can be quite expensive for the average guy. Surgery could either be life threatening. Results are not yet guaranteed and it may cause failure which could lead to unhappy customers.

You could try using the simple hand down technique. It involves fairly using your bare hands and masturbate all day long. Masturbating can greatly improve your penis size. Not only doesn’t that it have any negative side effects all.

It has been practiced long before we were born. They are effective in making our penis grow bigger and has been practiced all over the world. This is perhaps the most easiest and direct form of enlargement without the hassle.

If the above mention doesn’t work then nothing beats going up to the gym. In general the simplest form in making your penis larger is by far doing exercise. Doing routing exercise everyday can pave the way for a solution to your problem. Penis exercise is the only one approved by medical specialist in treating issues on how to make your penis bigger.

These exercises can be done by anyone with the help of special tools and devices. Tools like penis extenders can foster development and growth. Penis enlargement exercises are guaranteed to be safe and secure. Expect results to develop within two to three months time.

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