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“SizeGenetics Crooked penis disease

It is actually very normal to have a slight curvature in your penis. Very few men will be able to say that theirs is completely straight, because it is normal to have slight deviation in various body parts. Fingers, toes, women’s breasts, these all come in different sizes and shapes, and will very seldom be completely straight or perfectly matched. This is just considered to be standard human deviation.

When a penis is erect, it is normal to be at anything from about a 30-45 degree angle, but there are some erections that are stiff enough to have the tip of the penis almost be touching the man’s stomach. Penises won’t be erect in exactly the same way every time, sometimes they will vary to different degrees at different times or stages of a man’s life.

Usually, a curvature of the penis will develop simply because of the internal structures of the organ growing to a size that isn’t equal. Every penis is built differently, so this condition is actually quite normal. This slight curvature will not usually cause a problem for intercourse, as a woman’s vagina is very flexible, so can accommodate any slight bends.

You could have a condition called Peyronie’s disease, which occurs when fibrous tissues develop on the lining of the erectile components of the penis. What exactly causes this fibrosis is still unknown. The result of this condition causes a bend in the penis that is so drastic, it can make having an erection or intercourse painful, difficult or even impossible.

However, it should be noted that if your penis has always been fairly straight, but suddenly starts to bend “suddenly or over time” then you need to see a doctor. Find an urologist, or someone who specializes in men’s health, or get a reliable and reputable product like SizeGenetics.

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